Radical Forgiveness


Forgiveness is one of the best ways to come into greater integrity. It allows us to come more fully into the present. 

We let go of old grudges, patterns and core negative beliefs that can otherwise keep so much of our energy trapped in the past.





Radical Forgiveness is the most powerful forgiveness method we have come across to do just that.  

There is much to write and share about this system and this article will be expanded upon within the next week or so, but this is just to give a heartfelt recommendation for anyone interested in empowerment and getting out of the Victimland to have a look at what RF has to offer.

There is a lot of free information including articles, worksheets and videos available on the Radical Forgiveness website as well as books and programmes to purchase.  Highly, highly recommended.   I was so impressed with its wisdom and effectiveness that I have started training as a Radical Living coach.

More anon!




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