Tools and Links

Integrity is like beauty, love, truth and many similar qualities.    It is not always easy to pin down in a one-size-fits-all kind of way. 

Definitions help to refine our thinking but they can only go so far. And yet, we often recognize integrity or love when we experience them, in ourselves or in others.

Seeing integrity as wholeness, as completeness, as being connected to the fullness of who we are and embodying that more and more in our lives, means that while on one level it is something universal, on another it is unique and individual. 

Beyond the commonly understood concepts such as being honest and trustworthy, a life of integrity means that we are being true to our own selves, our authentic inner selves, more and more.  What was in integrity for us at different stages of our life, say our ten, twenty, thirty or fifty year old selves, reflected our personal stage of growth, understanding and maturity at those different stages. 

Thus, the experiences and tools that assisted us in coming more into integrity at one stage were different from what was helpful at another. 



Patchwork Quilt

Memorial-Quilt-blue-with-quilting-2If a life of integrity could be imagined as a patchwork quilt, the squares on the quilt are sewn by many different influences.

Even if, at the time, some of the squares felt like u-turns or detours, as long as there is a part of us that is open to seeing the gifts and lessons, they can be integrated into a deeper sense of living wisdom and confidence.

This section of the website is dedicated to describing some of the tools that we have found to be very inspiring and/or useful. 

These tools are not connected with any one system or paradigm. They are tools which are neutral in the sense that they can be beneficial to people from any walk of life, any religious or spiritual background, or indeed none. 

Over the next few months there will be articles on several of these tools or links.   Some of these may be relevant to you now, some at another time, maybe some will never be.  That is as it should be. 

Each of us has our own flavour of integrity and love and all the qualities that really matter to us.