The still small voice within



You don’t have to have a personal problem in order to be coached.   

Coaching is also an environment where you can give expression to your most deeply cherished dreams and aspirations.  

There may be aspects of yourself that you have never been able to express to anyone, for example your insights and what you have learnt from life. 

And what about the whisper of the still small voice within, a voice which often holds great wisdom as well as your deepest personal truths? 

Every one of us has a profound level of knowingness and truth within, our inner teacher, our intuition (tuition within).   You may have silenced that voice or come to mistrust it, or maybe you listen sometimes but not others, but it is very much alive and well within your core.


The most precious gift we can give anyone is our attention.  Thich Nhat Hanh



If this resonates with you at all, even in a very subtle way, there may be some joy or recognition.  There may also be, though, a feeling of tenderness, even vulnerability, tinged with wistfulness, uncertainty and apprehension.  

It can take just as much courage to look within, to tap into the more intimate recesses of our being, as to climb a mountain peak. 

It is very rare in our culture to have a space in which we can express these depths of ourselves. 

I am writing this from my own experience of a lifelong quest for meaning and purpose. 

Having someone be present to us at this most refined level of our being can be profoundly healing and strengthening.