Who Am I? Pt 3

I Am 2As I expand to embrace my core identity at source I am less dependent on any localized or projected version of myself.  Such derived identities can then become very fluid, dynamic and responsive to the needs for change and growth.

They are convenient staging posts for my journeys through the fields of creation.  I can use or dispense with them as needs be. 

Ultimately, truly and simply I Am.  I Am also one or integrated with the I Amness of all creation. 

So distinctions, separative characteristics become less meaningful and relevant.

The localized me is only a part of something vastly deeper, greater and altogether more magnificent.  The projected me is only the tip of the iceberg of who I really am.  We need not remain imprisoned in our localised sense of identity.

We have the option of growing towards freedom and integration.  Yet we need to make change with due diligence ensuring that new support structures are in place before abandoning the old until such time as we have no need for external support.




bubble1I tend to encapsulate my sense of identity in a bubble to preserve it.  I do this both in an inner sense, i.e. to define my extent in inner space, and in my outer dealings with the world.  I like to have a clearly defined boundary.

However in establishing a boundary to define what I am in relation to the outer world I am also defining what I am not.  I am shutting out part of reality.  I seek to preserve this bubble as if my very existence depended on it.

What would happen if I burst this bubble?  Would my identity evaporate unto oblivion?  No.  It merely expands and rises up towards higher levels of abstraction and integration into purer existence towards the source.  It gravitates towards the centre of existence.

Relative to the outer world would I become more vacant, dis-connected, other worldly or ineffective thereby?  Again no.  The energies flowing in the channels of expression that form my life are allowed to flow more naturally and spontaneously.  I am more naturally in the doing of my life and less in the business of self preservation.  I can begin to stop meddling in my life and let it happen.




Global perspective

globeI begin to live less from a limited local focus and more in harmony with a global perspective.  I can avail more of the natural flows and cycles that support all creation. 

I can respond more to the needs of a situation and less to my own needs in the situation.

In my localized identity I try to control or manipulate my environment. 

In my generalized or noumenal identity I can increasingly let creation flow through me to accomplish our joint ends.

There is less need for me to make things happen.

It is more a case of letting things happen.  But not in a passive way. 

I am still actively involved but from the more abstract level of pure energy flows, where there is much greater fluidity and less friction or resistance.






NASA_child_bubble_explorationIt is not I who am accomplishing but creation that is accomplishing through me.

I become more the sovereign who oversees the doing rather than the slave toiling with the details up at the coal face of my life.

I learn more to orbit the source or power house of creation rather than a meagre isolated focus out on the periphery of existence.

From an outer perspective there is little difference in how I choose to manage my identity.  What needs to get done gets done either way. 

From an inner perspective there is a difference in how it gets done, in the degree of involvement required.

This is a personal issue for the way I choose to experience and participate in my life.

In refocusing my identity it is not desirable that I should compromise my presence in the world by becoming remote or vacant.  I still need to maintain a strong clearly focused presence and to integrate and ground this at every level of my being.  It may seem paradoxical to be reaching both inwards and outwards.






balanceHowever all such progress is a balancing act.  I am in the business of integrating and reconciling all the opposites or polarities in my life. 

To do otherwise would unbalance my existence and compromise further progress.  I can have my core approaching the core of creation and my periphery extended to fully embrace my outer world.

Now I can easily visit such concepts in relative safety at the intellectual level.  There is a certain comfort in the distance involved.  It is an altogether more challenging and even frightening prospect to try to integrate them or realise them in practical terms. 

I need to approach them at every level in my being.  I need time and lots of it to part company with my old ways and to adapt to a new way of doing the business of living.

However once the mind is awakened I can gradually approach a new focus or awareness as it percolates through the levels of my being.

Before I venture out from the relative safety of the cave I presently inhabit I need some conception of the larger reality that surrounds me.  At least in my present form my identity is safely tethered to my physical presence.  I have somewhere to anchor it.  I need to make forays out to explore my environment while having the security of my cave to return to.





connection1I need to realize something of my connection to source before gravitating towards it in a practical sense.  I need to be tethered somewhat at a higher level before surrendering my existing anchors.  I need time and opportunity to explore and adapt. 

But my existence is framed against a backdrop of eternity.  I can take all the time in the world.  How long I choose to wait is my own decision.

Who am I?  I am a funnel or node through which currents of creation, of life, flow.  I am an intersection point where such currents of creation meet and interact. 

I am also the currents themselves.  I am a doorway between worlds but there is no need for me to limit my identity to such a localised focus.  I am where my awareness or consciousness resides. 

As such I have a dynamic identity.  I am also such consciousness itself.  I choose to project my identity into localisation in the forms I create. 

I can equally choose to re-integrate back out of such localisation into the supernal reality of my essential and eternal existence.  Ultimately, fundamentally and simply I Am.





cat and mirrorWho would ever have thought that I, the I in each and every human being, am such a profound, deep, mysterious, vast, interesting and all embracing reality?