Life of Integrity Launch


Thank you for visiting the Life of Integrity website.

In our time, there is a widespread heartfelt longing for integrity on the most profound and intimate level of our being.

As you will see as you browse through these pages, we are looking at integrity in a very broad and also deep context.

Initially, you will notice that many of the writings explore the nature of the self, from different perspectives, as well as our relationship with both the world around us and our personal values.

Integrity, as we are realizing more and more, is much more than basic honesty or keeping our promises.




Focus on Integrity

Focus on Integrity

It is about wholeness, meaning, being true to ourselves and our place in the world. 

Before we can be true to ourselves, though, it is helpful to spend some time exploring aspects of our being. 

To what self are we being true?

Living in integrity requires courage, authenticity, autonomy.  

All of which in turn are based on a solid sense of identity.

What we explore here is by no means the whole story and you will have your own understandings and perceptions, which are equally as valid as ours.



Practical applications

We will also start, this week, to look at practical, here-and-now ways to strengthen our integration of this principle in our everyday world. 

Spiritual understanding and philosophical exploration need to be grounded and expressed in the living out of our lives if they are to have true value. 

No point in being so heavenly that we are no earthly use!




In time, our family of writers will expand, and it is a great joy to introduce the writings of Rose’s brother, Dr Terry Lynch.  

See an introduction to Terry and his work in the About section of this site.   This includes a pdf of the introduction to his latest book “Selfhood.”

Please feel to explore the site and return to see what’s new.  

We will be continually adding new features, quotations, pictures and more as time, as well as our grasp of website technology, permit.  

This is very much a family venture, and you can think of it as like being invited to a family’s or close friend’s house while they are still moving in.  

Each time you visit, another part of the house will have been sorted or added to: boxes unpacked, curtains up.

Integrity is about authenticity, after all.


(And in case you are wondering, while we can track the amount of visitors to our site, no personal details are known to us, such as the identities of who has visited.)


Aligning with Integrity

Aligning with Integrity