Who am I? Part 2

Who am I?

Who am I?

All our exploration is ultimately an exploration of self.

When I strip away all the expressions of my reality, the clothes or forms I wear at every level, I am left with a core of pure existence.

All that I can truly predicate about my essential self is that I exist.

I am pure existence.  I express my existence through various forms.  These help to define my identity locally.

They limit my identity but in doing so give it definition and local expression.

I am one in the core existence that underlies and is all that is.  In this sense I am one with all that exists, with all that is.

I identify with modes of or phases in my existence, as it projects along my chain or sequence of expression.

In doing so I frequently overshadow my essential derivation from and existence in the source or essence of being.

I Am is my deepest and innermost truth.  It is the most profound sense of identity I can reach from this vantage point in reality.




I Am therefore I think

I Am therefore I think

I Am therefore I think

Descartes’ famous assertion – “I think, therefore I am” is an inversion of the natural order of my reality.

Existence precedes and underlies thought.

Thought is an expression of am-ness or existence.

I Am is the thinker that thinks my thoughts.

“I am, therefore I think” is a truer description of my reality.

I Am represents my fundamental existence.

My core or essential identity resides at ever more abstract levels of reality.

It passes beyond those levels where boundaries exist.

It reaches beyond form, structure, location, time, limitation or definition.  It is ultimately integrated in the pure absolute unqualified source that embraces all that is.






Here I am fully integrated not only with myself but with all that is.

Here my existence transcending time spans eternity.

It knows all of creation.  It is the source of creation.

In between my temporary localised identity and my eternal universal identity I embrace various degrees of integration.

There is a gradual transition or progression between these two extremes.

Moving away from my conventional local identity I expand to embrace ever larger measures of who I am.

Ultimately towards the source this expansion extends to embrace all of creation.

I am less localized in my individual identity and more at one with the essence of all such individuals.  I am no longer alone.




Less localized


I am London

There is a story told that when the Beatles group visited India in the sixties they met a local Indian ascetic.

He was a remarkable individual with unusual powers, who went around mostly naked.

They exclaimed that if he came back with them he would be a sensation in London.

He replied dryly – “I am London”.

This must qualify as one of the great put downs!





Two cones of vision


When I look inwards my vision eventually expands to embrace the source and thereby the essence of all creation.

When I look outwards it similarly expands to encompass ever larger measures of manifest creation in the phenomenal world.

There are two cones of vision extending out from my current vantage point in reality.

I locate myself at the intersection point between these two worlds, these two modes of reality.

My conventional experience of life is that of mediating the flow through me between these two polarities of creation.

I derive my identity in the inner reality and project it in the outer world.




Ebb and Flow

My identity is not a static or fixed quantity.

It moves along the arc of my projection into manifestation in the material worlds.

Ebb and Flow

It flows and ebbs along this trajectory.

Sometimes I am absorbed in a worldly situation. Other times I am standing in my body.

I often reside in the cockpit of my emotions or my mind.

Still other times I am away beyond all of these.

My identity expands and contracts depending on where it is located and on how burdened or otherwise it is with localisation.

I locate myself at various nodes along the trajectory of my existence.

But in a certain subtle sense I am always referenced to my core or essential identity in the source.

My phenomenal identity or identities are phases of expression within my noumenal essence.




Waves on the ocean



They are waves on the surface of the ocean of my being, my eternal reality.

I like to maintain a stable sense of identity in the phenomenal world, a clearly defined and mapped out individuality.

I fear any loss of identity as if it challenges my very existence.

I cling to my sense of who I am as an island of stability surrounded by unknown and possibly treacherous waters that may engulf and extinguish me.

I dare not venture too far from this platform of stability.

Yet it is impossible to remain fixed in a world whose nature is flow and dynamic change.





True stability

The stability we seek only truly resides in the absolute reality of the source, our own source.  All else is constructed on shifting sands.

If I am willing to accept change as the nature of my phenomenal identity then I open the door towards discovering my deeper inner identity.

If I am willing to surrender my localized identity as a changing, even transient, quantity then I am clearing space for my eternal identity.


(To be continued in part 3)