Creation lives in the moment

Iceland (2)We normally view the world from a personality focus. 

We are looking out at and interacting with objects, people and events around us.

Our focus is on “objects”, in the sense of things or events that engage our attention.

We perceive people, furniture, buildings, news, conversation, happiness. 

These “objects” or entities very much fill our awareness. 

At the other end of the scale we can conceive of Source as a reality that hosts creation. 

Yet where does this source come into our world of things?  

The world of objects does not quite make sense in its own right.  It is incomplete. 

We tend to view Source or God as another thing or entity that pulls our world together.  It helps fill in the gaps to create a coherent picture or worldview that we can live with. 

Yet the result is a little bit artificial – the God of the gaps as it were. 





Process as primary reality


IMGA0904We also experience activity in our world.  There is motion, dynamism and change.  Our world is an active world. 

What if it is this dynamic that is the primary reality in our world?  What if the activity, the doing, is the primary reality and “objects” are a derived or secondary reality? 

In other words process is the primary reality because it links source.  Objects are the product of process and are hence a secondary reality. 

The verbs are the primary reality, the nouns the secondary reality!

Applying this precept to the realms of thought for example we can conceive that thinking is the primary reality.  It is the process of thinking that links Source.  It connects Source to our reality. 

Thought or thoughts then are a product of thinking.  They are what thinking passes through on its trajectory, on its journey of exploration. 

Thinking condenses into and out of form as thoughts.  They are states or points of transformation or interaction along the way.

Similarly love is the product of loving.  We can focus on love but in doing so be removed from it.  The core or essential reality is in the loving, being in the flow of the experience. 





Life as dynamic

Seagull taking offLife is the product of living.  It is in living that we are alive. 

Life is a succession of states that living passes through.  When we are doing something, painting a wall for example, it is in the doing that we are alive. 

What is done or will be done is static and separated by comparison. 

We are then faced with the possibility that it is process that is the stable integrating core in our lives, in our reality, and that the things, events and states in our lives are derived from this. 

This is highly paradoxical.  We regard objects around us as static or stable.  For example the chair I sit on is fairly fixed and stable to my perception. 

The dynamic of the moment on the other hand is fluid and changing.  Yet it is this dynamic that integrates reality and anchors it stably in source. 

In the long run all the so-called stable objects around me will change, moving in and out of my life.  It is the core reality that survives.

Moving my focus from objects to process radically reorients my reality.  It draws my focus into the dynamic of the moment. 





Creation as projection through form

bubble3 I, in the sense of the generic “I” of any human being, move from the states of creation into the flow of creation. 

This flow in turn draws me into more direct relationship with Source.  Source experiences the flow of creation. 

Coming into flow draws me more towards a source perspective.  Instead of being offline dealing with the products of creation I can come online with the real experience.

When I say “I love you” it is the loving that is the dynamic in the moment.  It is what is most real.  I and you are only what love passes through in its expression. 

Where am “I” and “you” in the moment.?  We think we know but as soon as we focus on these we are out of the flow or the dynamic.  I and you in the moment are open to the flow.

As soon as I focus on one of these parties I separate it from the dynamic.  I have to take the I or you out of the flow to give it a discrete identity.  I dissect the integrity of the flow.

In the moment Source in me is loving Source in you.  In a sense the loving is an experience in source.  It is Source loving itself and experiencing this love as a projection through form.   





 Flows of Creation


 Flows of CreationWhen I focus on thoughts it draws me out of thinking in the moment.  I am accessing thinking from another moment, from another person, etc. 

Letting go of thoughts I come to access the process of thinking. 

Moving into this flow I come into contact with creative thinking.  I come to access source thinking, the thinking that is thinking creation. 

By letting go of my thoughts I can progressively sink into the moment and access the thinking that is thinking me. 

This is the thinking that creates realities.  Ultimately it is Source thinking. 

Creation is an experience in Source. 

By unwinding my thinking in the moment I can merge into the thinking that is thinking me. 

I move from localized thinking to Source or universal thinking and in doing so I merge my localized identity in Source identity.





Creation as conversation

I AmCreation then is a conversation in Source.  It is Source talking to itself.  We are links or facilitators in the conversation. 

Source in me talks to Source in you and vice versa. 

Ultimately creation isn’t a personality-based drama.  It is more a Source-based drama acting out through personalities. 

Ultimately it is the conversation that matters more than the actors who stage it.

When in personality or personal focus the world revolves around me.  I build a platform to stand on and look out on the world from here. 

Everything around me is measured in terms of its impact on this personal identity and vice versa. 

I see the pictures on the wall in front of me.  My children went to school today.  The postman will bring me mail tomorrow morning.

In other words a personal focus is strongly present in the reality I experience.  The focus is on personal identity, on other “objects”  and on how they relate to this identity.  I am mapping the world into a personal focus. 






I AM 1Personality is an entity.  It relates to other entities or objects so that objects come to dominate my relationship with reality. 

In the moment I come out of the flow or dynamic to refer to my personal focus and to map what is transpiring into this personal focus. 

When someone is talking to me I am hearing part of the time.

But I am also relating back to my “take” on what is being said, to my reactions and to my response.  I am not fully in the hearing. 

Also when I am speaking I am also partially assessing impact, weighing up the other person’s reaction to what I am saying. 

Are they impressed with what I am saying, getting bored, etc.? 

In other words I am not fully in the speaking. 

My focus in the moment is fragmented.  My moment is therefore localized and limited.  I have bound it with patterns of behaviour, with stereotyped reactions. 

The aggregate of these patterns of behaviour forms part of my personality.  It takes a lot of history to build up such complex reaction patterns, such a complex personality. 





Source flowing through me

NASA_child_bubble_explorationMy moment is therefore conditioned by history, in terms of past experience. 

For example if someone drops something behind me I may jump with fright from painful memories of being hit.  My moment is not entirely in the flow of the present.  It is scattered across the present, the past and the future. 

I carry my past history and future expectations into and through the moment.  Maybe I experience or even invent the past and future as spaces to hold my separation in the present.  I experience the past and future as separate from the present, as that part of the moment that is not in flow.

If I examine my personal identity I find that it is neither so solid nor stable as I might have considered it to be.  It recedes from me as I try to approach it.  I cannot locate it definitively.

I come to realize that my impact in the world is not coming from me but is rather coming through me.  In other words I am not independently sourcing my activity.  It is flowing through me. 




The personal I

Seagull upfrontI modify, direct and focus what comes through but ultimately don’t source it from scratch. 

It emerges from ever deeper levels in my being, eventually flowing out from me like water pouring through a tap. 

It can come as both a shock and a relief to realize that I am not the center of my universe.  The personal I is only an agent in a much bigger reality. 

There is no need for me to invest so much energy in nor weave so much drama around it. 

I am not so important as that which passes through me.  I can learn to live life as it is instead of trying to mould it to fit a personal view of what it should be.  I can stop meddling with life and start living it.

I can proceed into deeper levels in my being, effectively increasing my depth of being.  I can move out from a purely personal focus. 

I can do this by gradually loosening the pre-programmed patterns of behavior that automatically kick into action in response to situations.  I can gradually change the patterns that condition my presence in the present. 

I can additionally do it by being more in the flow of the moment. 




Enter the flow of the present

Radiant river walkInstead of sitting on the banks of the river clinging to my fixed personal positions I can let go and enter the flow of the present. 

I can let go of the sides of the swimming pool and learn to swim, to be afloat and alive in the moment. 

Then there is no need for me to sustain myself.  I am sustained by what lives in and through me.

In moving out of localized or personal focus I gravitate more towards Source  focus.  It then becomes necessary to remap reality from a personal to a Source focus. 

Strategies may be necessary to modify conditioned responses.  For example instead of automatically going into rage when someone cuts across me in traffic it may be necessary to cultivate tolerance and set a space for cooling off. 

If I have habitually repressed feelings it may be necessary to cultivate openness or honesty in expressing feelings.  However such strategies are not an end in themselves.  They are replacing one conditioned response with another albeit more useful one. 

Ultimately the goal is not to approach the moment from a fixed position or with any conditioned response but to be ‘right’ with the moment.  The ideal is to bring to the moment what is needed in it, not what I need in the moment.

The flow in the moment is a link to Source.  It is possible to be unconditionally present to this flow and hence to      Source. Then we can truly say that it is not I who live but  Source that lives in me.