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Do you ever choose a gift for someone based on what you would like yourself?    I know I do!

The contents of this site reflect what I would like to find in a website: a mixture of short, medium and longer writings, short and long quotations, resources and much more.  

The general advice for writing for the internet suggests to write short pieces that are easily read and digested.  

That certainly makes sense to me, but I also appreciate longer, more exploratory pieces.  

Sometimes I need a thought for the day, a moment of inspiration.

Sometimes I want to mull over an idea and explore it.

Whatever your style, there’s something here for you.



In the fullness of time, a community will gather and a rich reservoir of resources will grow.

Integrity is such a rich and powerful subject that affects every area of life.

In the meantime, let me know what you find helpful, thought-provoking or inspiring.  Or what else you would like to see or share.