Spirit of Namaste

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Spirit of Namaste

I honor that place in you and me and all which has the courage to be loving,  authentic and vulnerable.

The essence of Life of Integrity’s gift is beautifully captured in the Indian greeting of Namaste.

This is usually translated as something like “the divine in me salutes the divine in you.”

This is where, when two people meet, they each put their hands in “prayer position” and bow their heads towards each other.  

They acknowledge the sacredness, the intrinsic worthiness and value of their own inner spirit, which can then recognize and respect the same in the other. 


Spirit of Namaste

If any of us were to describe what the spirit of Namaste means to us, I am sure that we would share a core feeling of its essence, but we would express it in different ways at different times.


Expressions of Namaste

The potential expressions of Namaste are infinite because life itself is infinite, and so, in essence, are we!

I honor that place in you and me and all which is of the purest truth and love.

I honor that place in you and me and all which has the courage to be loving and authentic

I honor the still small voice in you and me and all that knows it is eternal and purposeful even when we seem to get lost in detail and drama.

I honor our seeming to have got lost and our finding our way again because it leads us home to ourselves and our true essence, to a place of even greater wisdom and empowerment, greater love and maturity.

I honor that place deep within each of us where we are one.


Namaste Moments

Namaste moments can be triggered by even a hint of the inner beauty or truth within ourselves or another person, place or thing. 

So-called “things” cease to be “just things” when we sense that they, too, are an expression of consciousness and creation.

“Behaving as if the god in all things matters.”  (Machaelle Small Wright) 

“Seeing the world in a grain of sand.”   (William Blake)

Maybe you would like to express your own Namaste moments, and we would welcome your input.

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