Common Ground

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Common Ground

Most spiritual systems speak of some kind of source, spirit, spring or inner core. 

Many personal growth systems also speak of this inner power and also our interconnectedness.   

In one sense, the terms we use are not as important as the essence which they seek to express. 

Poets, songwriters, saints, scholars, philosophers, artists and countless others have expressed their understanding of this essence in their unique ways throughout time itself.





Collective collage

Collage_Each expression, rather than being seen in terms of differences, could be seen as contributing to a collective collage of the awe, wonder and mystery we feel at something which is absolutely intimate and intrinsic to our very nature. 

In putting words or form or music to this knowingness, we realize we can never fully define it.

Yet we also realize that the attempt to express it is in itself a creative act which allows what lies at the core of the ocean to rise to the surface and be recognized there.

And for each of us individually, at various stages in our lives, it may expand or develop within us in a multitude of ways.  

We may have aha! moments of enlightenment or bliss.  

We may have confused moments of doubt or questioning. 

We may have times of peaceful certainty and security.





Beyond -isms and -ologies

wavesBut whether the sea is stormy, calm or gently rippling, we sense the presence of the depths within which the currents flow and from which the waves emerge.  

Beyond the  language or non-language that attempts to describe the depth of this ocean,  there is a sentience, a cognition, of something that not only transcends space and time.  

It may even be the core source or spring from which our essence births.  

Not only may our essence birth there, but we may also sense that it has an eternal home within this depth.

On this website, we are not presuming to define this spring or ocean bed in terms of a particular belief or philosophical system.    

This essence is not something which can be neatly labelled and classified under this religion or that philosophy.  

Even within a given system, definitions can mean one thing to one person and something completely different to another.





Diversity as catalyst



Rather than being a trigger for dispute or confusion, perhaps this diversity in understanding can in itself be a catalyst for profound and growing understanding.

This knowingness may not ever be fully defined, in the sense of being neatly labelled.   And that may be part of its gift to us.  

We may not be able to give an all-encompassing dictionary definition of words such as “infinity” or “being”,  or indeed “integrity” but their true meaning, which we sense in our unique way, implies something which cannot be neatly labelled and packaged. 

We use these terms to imply something that is beyond verbal definition. 

And if we acknowledge that, and even rejoice in it, the fact that someone else would use different terms, or mean the same terms in different ways, is not a threat to our world view, but rather a fascinating insight into a whole new layer of understanding.





More in common than not in common

elephant4This reminds me of the well-known Indian story about several blindfolded men feeling different parts of an elephant and deciding on the basis of their individual experience what an elephant is.  

One decides an elephant is a trunk, another a tusk, another a tail, and so on.  

Hopefully they got to pool their information (take off their blindfolds) and realize that an elephant is all of these, but so much more!

In this community  we acknowledge that as people interested in growth, purpose, meaning, whatever the terms, we have far more in common than we don’t have in common.

It is often the definitions and attachment to them which can trigger dissent, competition or one-upmanship. 

History is full of religious, ideological and philosophical bickering which had so little to do with the essence of spirit itself (“the elephant is a tusk versus the elephant is a tail” kind of thinking).





Your uniqueness



As you visit us here, it does not matter what your belief system is. It does not matter if you don’t believe in anything or if you are not sure of anything anymore.  

You have your unique world view, a life experience that  is part of the collage of consciousness which might not just reveal parts of you to yourself but could also contribute to our collective understanding and growth.  

There is no such thing as a worthless being, no such thing as a wasted life. 

Every life has value, every experience can be viewed in a different light.

What can then emerge  is a growing respect for the core essence of each other, a respect for the varying ways in which this expresses. 

This respect not only inspires us to look at each with deeper understanding and acceptance, but also inspires us to respect our own processes more, as well.

On a personal note, for me it has done all of this and more.  When I visit places of worship, or meet people from other traditions, or even from the tradition in which I was brought up but from which I have moved out to explore many “roads less taken”, I realize more and more that we are all aspects of the same life or spirit force and looking for similar things.







Core self

Core self

While we may recognize that ultimately no individual words can fully capture the essence of the depths we sense within us and at the heart of our world, we are communicating, in this site, mainly through the medium of words.  

Some of the most neutral words we can think of to express this essence, without connotations of specific systems, are “Source”, “Life” and “Spirit“. 

We could also use the word “God” or “god” or the divine, as this is a comfortable and familiar term for so many, though not limiting this term to the god of this or that religion.

“Source” seems a good working term, but if you feel more resonance with another word, or with different words at different times, that is totally honored and welcomed.

Definitions have often been used as much to separate as to create mutual understanding.    On this site, it is acknowledged that it is the essence of what is being expressed that is key to a mutual sharing and respect.







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