Sacred Sight

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Sacred Sight

Many places around the world are considered to be sacred sites and there is no doubt that they are important energy centres.

In this corner of our community we are exploring and reaffirming the worthy, the valuable or the sacred within our own being, not just because it feels good but because in becoming more self-actualized and self-sovereign we gift not just ourselves but those around us. 

Similarly, we are in turn gifted by the presence of those who are growing in their own self-actualization.

The Indian greeting of Namaste can be translated in many ways, but the essence of it is that the divine or sacred or valuable within me acknowledges the same in you. 

Depending on where our focus is at a particular time, it may be easier to see the sacred in another more than in ourselves, or vice versa, as our awareness expands to embrace the sacred or worthy at the core of everything “as if the god in all things matters.”

Some beloved friends have shared with me recently a feeling of moving more inward, of spending more time with their Inner selves, to integrate more of themselves, and I have felt this really profoundly too over the last week or so.

My inner self is reminding me so much that my greatest service is to be more of that self that  I truly am (and the same for all of us), to accept all that I am with love and without judgment of what might seem “negative” or less-than-ideal.


As if the god in all things matters

Behaving as if the god in all things mattered means gradually realizing, not just in words but in a living sense, that ultimately there is nothing that is not sacred or intrinsically worthy at its core. 

Among other things, that means that Source/life is alive and present in every moment, in every breath, in every encounter, regardless of what it looks like on the surface.

By going inwards when we can, deepening our inner connection and truly knowing ourselves as expression of that intrinsic sacredness, we can allow that eternity/divinity to become more alive in our everyday world.

By extension, we will recognize the living reality of that same essence in the world around us.

As that happens, that aliveness and divinity will communicate with the divinity and aliveness in other manifestations of Source around us, without our having to do anything other than be more and more of who we truly are.





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