Flex those integrity muscles

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Flex those integrity muscles

Mention integrity to most people and they will agree: yes, it’s important, and they’d like more of it!  

Sometimes you just know you are in integrity.    Sometimes you know you aren’t.    

How can we bring more of our lives, of ourselves, into integrity?  

It sounds good, but it can also be daunting. 




Building integrity stamina

1Just like those 20 pound weights at the gym seem enormous.

At the gym, you don’t start with the 20 pound weights.  You start where you are. 

5 pounds? 10?  1?

Whatever works and gets you going.   You’ll certainly never lift the 20 pounders if you can’t raise a one-pounder.   

Making a start gives you the confidence to keep going and your newly acquired stamina comes in useful throughout the rest of your life too.   




Flex those muscles

In this community we can share ideas and resources for bringing our lives more into integrity.


Integrity:  What you see me doing is a mirror image of what I say I value.  Is the rhetoric being realized in the reality?   Roger Steare



Start where you are

Start where you are

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

Can you think of one small action you can take to-day to strengthen your integrity muscles?   

Getting integrity-fit is a great way to be ready for the bigger challenges that come along in everyone’s life.




Some ideas to get started

  • Keep a promise you’ve made to yourself (exercise, healthy food choices, clear out that closet)
  • Keep a promise you’ve made to someone else (your child, partner, friend)
  • Be true to who you are, whatever that means to you.
  • Speak well of the absent/refrain from gossip.
  • Choose a  value such as kindness or honesty and put it into action at least a few times
  • Commit to regular quiet time to reflect and regroup.


Are you inspired by any of the quotations or articles on this site?     Is there one that speaks to you in a way that applies to your own life?



Over to you

Share your insights or achievements in the comment section below (especially if you actually did something around integrity rather as well as thinking about it!).  

Let’s get this conversation started and inspire each other.

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