Being enough

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Being enough

Yesterday I was listening to Bréné Brown talking about wholehearted living and how she became aware of people who lived this way.

One thing she said is that they told her that they were very focussed on living in a way that they knew they were enough.

Bréné had been talking about our not-enough culture; we go to bed thinking we haven’t done enough and we wake up thinking we haven’t slept enough!



CASTLE Principles

This strikes a deep chord with me and I was inspired to link this enough-ness with the CASTLE principles on which Coachville Inspire game in which I am participating is based.  

The CASTLE Principles were created by Lance Secretan and the acronym stands for Courage, Authenticity, Service, Truth, Love and Effectiveness.






To accept and know ourselves as enough takes:


Courage: To let go of externalized notions and pressures around not being good enough or having to be perfect or always “productive.”   It takes courage to be authentic.


Authenticity: To show up as our real unedited selves, (even at least of the time until we get used to it!)


Service: Accepting ourselves as enough leads naturally to accepting others in the same way and thus assisting them in accepting themselves


Truth:  It’s the gateway to knowing, often beyond words, that who we are is more than enough in and of itself and that we don’t have to let our enough-ness be defined by external parameters such as success, appearance, wealth or the like.


Love: Truly loving ourselves rather than an image of ourselves and thus more likely to honour the common ground with others


Effectiveness: We are more likely to communicate effectively, to generate co-operation and teamwork, and foster an atmosphere of mutual respect.






Not a compromise

It’s been really inspiring for me to think about this and write it down. “Enough” is not a cop-out or compromise.

It isn’t about “good enough” in the sense of not aiming for excellence.  It is recognizing the essence and intrinsic worth of ourselves and others way beyond appearances or trapping of success.  

It has been my experience too than when I come from that place of good-enough-ness, the work I do or the way I communicate has an excellence and effectiveness far more so than striving from a place of not-enough within myself.

So good to acknowledge that to myself to-day. 

If this resonates with you, maybe your middle name is also E-Nuff.  Why not try it on for size!

Mrs E Nuff

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