Tuning into integrity

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Tuning into integrity

 A life of integrity is one where you get increasingly more in touch with your core values, with what is most meaningful to you in your heart and spirit, and then realign your life and behavior accordingly.

Integrity is not just about being honest and trustworthy, although these are very important components.

It is about wholeness and authenticity, where your actions, words, purpose and ideals are in alignment. 


How do you know?

Going beyond the obvious areas of honesty and what you just know to be right, how do you chart your course?

How do you know if an action is in integrity for you?  Especially if a decision is not obviously “right” or “wrong.”

What images come to mind?    What acts as a barometer?

Sharing your experience may not just be helpful for you to clarify this for yourself, but will provide inspiration and food for thought for others who visit this site.


Being in tune



The image of being in tune is one that has resonated very clearly for me.

If I am in integrity, there is a sense of being in tune. Mind, body, spirit and purpose are at ease with each other, in harmony.

I often feel this as a sense of ease in my body.

This image also takes away the sting of self-judgment.   

Self-assessment can acknowledge the out-of-tuneness and do something about it, like a doctor making a diagnosis.

Conversely, if I am acting in ways that are not in harmony with what I hold dear, my body will be the first to tell me.  

For example, if I am unkind or indulge in gossip,  there will be tension and tightness in my heart or stomach.   

Gut feelings have a way of being very accurate!



Tell us about a time when you knew you were in integrity even if others didn’t.   Or that you were not in alignment with your core values.   When you did or did not honor your inner knowing.   

How did you know?    How do you know?   How do you decide?

Let’s get the campfire sharing started!    









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