Life of Integrity Vision

Thank you for visiting the website of the Life of Integrity Community.

I would like to extend an invitation to you to join me in the pioneering stages of forming a community of people who will gather with the purpose of living in integrity and authenticity. In wholehearted, courageous living. 

It will be like gathering round a campfire, a campfire where your individuality will be welcomed and honoured.   Your unique life experience. Your individual flavor of integrity.

This is not an exclusive community, nor is it the ONLY group with these core values.  

Indeed, the more you tap into your own genuine integrity, the more you respect the freedom and integrity of others.

Their freedom to make their own choices.   Their freedom not to see things as you see them.


Freedom and respect

This will be a community based on freedom and self-sovereignty. 

You may visit this community, this campfire, in passing; you may visit many campfires at the same time.  You may feel that this is a community where you will feel at home for a while, on your journey to finding your truest home within the core of your own being. 

All of these possibilities are totally respected and indeed honored. 

No one group or one person has the last word on truth or integrity.  


Truthful and authentic

The vision for this community is not just to have nice philosophical discussions about integrity, but to have a space where we can share together what this means in real-life terms.   Where we can be free to be truthful and authentic.  

As the proverbs say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, or handsome is as handsome does.    Integrity becomes real when we value it enough to make it a living reality in the way we live our lives.  To be our best self, to be that self which we truly are.


Fulfilling your highest potential actually means acting on your highest or deepest truth every moment of your life.  Carolyn Myss


I know that each person who links with this community, on the website, in classes or in persoal coaching sessions,  will have their own contribution, their own unique flavour, to add, as we grow together in truth, meaning and integration.

This is a community where you can explore not just what integrity is or is not, but where you can explore ways of becoming more and more in integrity with yourself, with your world, with your life purpose.