Dr Terry Lynch


A core aspect of coming into integrity is being true to who we are. 

Shakespeare’s lines “to thine own self be true” speak to many of us.

But to what self must we be true?

Without some sense of self, including a possible discrepancy between our public self or image, and the essence of our true self, it is difficult to know to what self we are being true.

Integrity requires authenticity, which interestingly derives the Greek word for self, “autos.”    

The word autonomy (aka being captain of our own ship) comes from the same root.





Terry Lynch

Dr Terry Lynch

Dr Terry Lynch

Rose’s brother, Dr Terry Lynch, has given us permission to share a pdf of the introduction to his latest book “Selfhood”  (see end of page).   

“Selfhood” is a book not just for people who have experienced severe emotional distress but for anyone who wishes to gain greater self-love, self-worth and autonomy.  

There is a particularly good section on personal boundaries which are essential for anyone wishing to live in genuine integrity.

Terry will also give some direct input to the site as time permits. 

In the meantime, here is a brief bio.

“Dr. Terry Lynch is a fully registered medical doctor, a fully accredited psychotherapist and author. A leading figure in mental health in Ireland, Terry provides a recovery-focused mental health service in Limerick, Ireland.

For over 10 years, Terry has been a passionate and an outspoken advocate for change, especially toward a deeper and more accurate understanding of emotional distress and mental health problems, and also toward the creation of truly recovery-focused mental health services.

Terry’s first book ‘Beyond Prozac’ (2001 and 2004) was a bestseller in Ireland and was shortlisted for the MIND (UK) Book of the Year award in 2002.

Terry’s second book, ‘SELFHOOD: A Key to the Recovery of Emotional Wellbeing, Mental Health and the Prevention of Mental Health Problems’ was published in September 2011. SELFHOOD is the first book in a series – The Mental Wellness Book Series, which Terry will be writing over the coming years.”






Here are links to some of his talks.










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Terry’s  books are available on Amazon.

UK   http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dr.-Terry-Lynch/e/B0034P75NS/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

 USA  http://www.amazon.com/Terry-Lynch/e/B0034P75NS/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0



Introduction to “Selfhood”

Here is a pdf file of the introduction to his book on Selfhood.   It may be slow to upload but is worth the wait.


SELFHOOD (intro) pdf