Welcome to the newly birthed Life of Integrity website.  

Have you ever had a vision, an idea, a hunch, that you followed and that became far more than you could have imagined at the beginning?     There was  an inner certainty, a knowingness.  

Birth implies growth and potential, an ever-growing and ever-expanding expression of creativity, of learning from experience, of new connections. 

And that means that the vision that I describe to-day is more like an embryo, an acorn from which, who knows, a mighty oak-tree may grow in the fullness of time.

This website is the garden that will nurture this seed as it begins to grow roots at the same time as it reaches out above the soil to expand and bear fruit.  



That same knowing and certainty is the spur to providing the vision seed of Life of Integrity with the conditions to flourish.  

Integrity means wholeness, acknowledging and embracing the fullness of our being.  

This integrity “plant” will reach deep into the earth, the depths of each person’s unique beingness. 

At the same time it will emerge out from that depth to breathe the air of community, of a shared space that also fully acknowledges our individual flavour of being, of truth.

The common ground of being allows for infinite variety of expression within a framework of respect, authenticity, truth and love.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”   Goethe


Your uniqueness

On one level,  there is a core vision seed for this community and site.  

On another level, if this resonates with you, you also have your own unique seed, your unique contribution and insight, your own song to sing.  

There is room in this garden for many plants, for flowers, trees, for whatever your unique expression can add to a shared space that is founded upon a common ground of absolute respect for each person’s individuality.


Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.  Rumi



I have been fascinated with integrity for some time now and have found it to be a very grounding, stabilising and accurate touchstone for coming more into the truth of my being.  For making sense of my life.    For refining my sense of the decisions and directions which are most aligned with my life purpose.   


Lighthouse1It has become a barometer, a lighthouse, a litmus test, a compass.

It has become a rich, fertile ground in which to embody my sense of truth and purpose.  

And, in discussions with friends, I have heard similar thoughts from many other people.




Simple but not always easy

Charting one’s course by any value or vision can be unifying, indeed simplifying.  However, it is not always easy. 

Living in integrity implies living in truth, in authenticity, in accountability.    Great when life is flowing! 

But challenging when integrity requires you to cast off outmoded attitudes or habits or simply to do the right thing. 


Some examples:

  • To let go of a victim mentality.  
  • To look life in the eye rather than hide behind a smokescreen of distraction or self-deception.
  • To have the courage of your convictions. 
  • To speak up for yourself or for someone who has been wrongly accused.  
  • To be willing to go it alone when necessary, for example to move away from a group or situation that is no longer consistent with your sense of truth.
  • Get off the busy-bus
  • What are yours?


It has been my experience that these challenges, while not easy, are a nudge from my true self that prompt me to test my mettle, to strengthen my integrity muscles.   

Every time I have had the courage to meet these challenges, the very act of doing so has been a gift that has deepened my sense of purpose and alignment with my truth.   

On one level, no-one can walk the path of integrity for us.   On the other, we can share our experiences. We can gather a rich harvest of resources.

Integrity acknowledges the wholeness of who we are, the highs and lows.  



If you feel an affinity with any of the thoughts expressed here or elsewhere on this site, you are warmly welcome to participate in whatever way feels right and in integrity with your own knowing.