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Welcome to the newly birthed Life of Integrity website.  

Have you ever had a vision, an idea, a hunch, that you followed and that became far more than you could have imagined at the beginning?     There was  an inner certainty, a knowingness.  

Birth implies growth and potential, an ever-growing and ever-expanding expression of creativity, of learning from experience, of new connections. 

And that means that the vision that I describe to-day is more like an embryo, an acorn from which, who knows, a mighty oak-tree may grow in the fullness of time.

This website is the garden that will nurture this seed as it begins to grow roots at the same time as it reaches out above the soil to expand and bear fruit.  


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Life of Integrity Launch


Thank you for visiting the Life of Integrity website.

In our time, there is a widespread heartfelt longing for integrity on the most profound and intimate level of our being.

As you will see as you browse through these pages, we are looking at integrity in a very broad and also deep context.

Initially, you will notice that many of the writings explore the nature of the self, from different perspectives, as well as our relationship with both the world around us and our personal values.

Integrity, as we are realizing more and more, is much more than basic honesty or keeping our promises.

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Blogs and Articles


Do you ever choose a gift for someone based on what you would like yourself?    I know I do!

The contents of this site reflect what I would like to find in a website: a mixture of short, medium and longer writings, short and long quotations, resources and much more.  

The general advice for writing for the internet suggests to write short pieces that are easily read and digested.  

That certainly makes sense to me, but I also appreciate longer, more exploratory pieces.  

Sometimes I need a thought for the day, a moment of inspiration.

Sometimes I want to mull over an idea and explore it.

Whatever your style, there’s something here for you.

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